We operate like a family & our building feels like a home. 

red bird house in a green back yard

"Homestead runs like a family should run and my mother is treated like a family member.

Homestead provides loving care for my mother and I know that the staff really loves my mother the way I love her. They see beyond her dementia and see her as the person she is inside.

The staff has the patience and understanding needed to work with dementia and they do a much better job than I would. In fact, I have learned more about dementia just by watching how they work with my mother and the other residents.

Would I recommend Homestead Living? Yes, most heartily. I can go about my life, my work and activities, knowing that Homestead is taking care of my mother’s life and her needs. They are providing the daily care that she deserves."

- Steve Doty, Home Resident's Son